Dr V P Citation

By admin • • 28 Apr 2012

Dr V Parameshvara’s 77th Birthday Felicitation Commitee

(by Dr Om Prakash)

Citation Presented on 18th May 2008

Born in 1930 into a family of scholars and of culture in Vishvanathapura, near Sringeri, you had your early education in Koppa and Shimoga. Indications of your enquiring and incisive mind were already known. After Medical graduation in 1957 from the Mysore Medical College, you proceeded to the United Kingdom; intense study, clinical work and research lead to MRCP qualification in 1964. Lauded effusively by your mentors in the United Kingdom, you returned home.

Your academic excellence and clinical skills were widely appreciated. For several decades you hae been serving the community at large as an able, compassionate and competent cardiologist and a humane physician. In the realm of academics, you have risen high in the medical firmament of our country, and abroad. Impeccable organizational and communication skills aided by clear and visionary thinking enabled you to become the National President of Indian Medical Association, Association of Physicians of India and Dean of Indian College of Physicians (Association of Physicians of India). You have served with distinction on numerous august medical bodies. In the realm of social medicine you have always expressed a vivid desire to reach the masses. You have pioneered the concept of home haemodialysis by establishing the Sharada Dhavantari Haemodialysis centre in Bangalore. Your constant efforts to draw the attention of policy makers to issues related to health care are too well known to need further mention. A facade of good humour and simplicity barely manages to hide your true persona; one of character built over years of fortitude and enviable perseverance, attention to detail and sensitivity in the tasks you have accomplished.

Indeed it may sound like a cliche, but truely, in felicitating you, the commitee in particular and the community at large are honouring themselves. We wish you and Dr Mrs Nalini Parameshvara a tranquil life and many more years of fruitful contributions to our society.