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By admin • • 30 Apr 2012

We your friends and admirers, deem it a great honour and privilege to extend many happy returns of the day on your 77th birthday, this day 18th of May 2008. We feel proud of you, being on of the most accomplished physicians of Karnataka. By your sustained study, relentless practice and extensive application of your unbounded resources you have won recognition not only at the national level but also at the international leve. Indeed, your achievements both in the academic and the doctoral directions have few parallels in the history of the profession in our country, If not the world over.

Sir, we are aware that you were born on May 8th 1930 in the holy town of Sringeri as the fifth child of a Kota Brahmin family. Your parents Narasimha Bhatta Mande and Parvathamma were known for their traditional learning and pious disposition. But it was your maternal uncle Gurumurthy and aunt Seethamma who moulded your career, the former even helping you to memorise parts of the Rig Veda.

After your matriculation in Shimoga, you joined the University Medical School in Bangalore qualifying as an LMP in 1952. After small stints in Shimoga and Aralusurali, you joined the Mysore Medical College, obtaining the coveted MBBS degree in 1957.

You created history by being the first to file a writ petition in the state High court against the Government for the injustice of the KPSC in the selection of Assistant Surgeons in the permanent cadre. You won the case which entitled you to work in that capacity in the Victoria College.

You married Dr Nalini of Udupi in March 1962 a valued partner both at home and in the professio. Thereafter you proceeded to UK for higher studies. Your MRCP from the Royal College of Physicians in 1964 has been followed by a string of degrees one more distinguished than the other from well known universities.

Before you set up your practice as a consulting Physician and Cardiologist, you worked for a time in the faculty of Banfalore Medical College and Victoria Hospital. Your popularity as a physician has been phenomenal which in its wake has paved the way to recording your varied experiences in the genre. They have found expression in countless number of articles for professional and popular columns and speeches all of which have been compiled in book form which is sure to be useful for doctors, patients and public in general.

It is equally awe-inspiring to recall some of your significant achievements during your illustrious career lasting over five decades. You have served in a wide variety of professional, social and cultural organisations in different capacities as chairman, president, director, trustee, besides serving on the editorial board of professional journals. As many faculties have benefited from your deft teaching schedules and your orations based on your countless research oriented students have enriched the working knowledge of many young and old medical men.

To crown it all are the Sharada Dhanvantari Heamodialysis  in Centre, Bangalore and Sharada Dhanvantari Charitable Hospital, Sringeri, the two public utility institutions which will serve as monuments to your exemplary services in the cause of noble profession.

Naturally, you have been decorated with numerous recognitions, honours and awards. The list will run to several pages. To recall a salient few are the listing in Who’s who of World Men of Achievement. Intellectuals and Indian Personages. As noteworthy are the awards which include Rajyotsava-1985; B C Roy Memorial-1933; Cardiology Society of Bellary – 1998 ; Association of Physicians – 1998; Investigative journalism, Rajahmundry- 1999; Dr M Viswesvaraya award 2007 and so on.

More importantly, it is gratifying for us to see that age has not wilted your energies, nor your busy schedule jaded your dedication. That is something which should inspire the rest of us. May that energy , that dedication continue so as to serve the cause of medical science and community at large is our fervent hope.

By Sri S N Chandrashekar (on behalf of friends and admirers of Dr V Parameshvara)


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