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It is a privilage to be invited to subscribe a ‘foreword’ to this ‘Fetschrift’ brought out to celebrate the 77th birthday of an eminent Physician who has become a legend in his own life-time. Indeed Dr. V Parameshva’s name itself is in a sense a metaphor for a rare combination of professional excellence on the one hand and highest standards of professional ethics on the other. This collection of tributes from eminent men from all walks of life bears testimony to this.

It is said that while the 20th century was the century of America, the 21st would be that of China and India. But really the 21st century is the century of medicine. Medical science will transform the world as we know it today. Everything will change. High-tech medicine, medical electronics and the new diagnostic tools have already deeply influenced and changed the Doctor-Patient relationship and have made it increasingly impersonal. The high cost of High-Tech modern medicine has changed the basic philosophy of the art and science of healing and has tended increasingly towards commercialisation of a noble and learned profession. Research in the laboratories is outpacing society’s ability to ask questions about their social and ethical consequences. One thing at least is certain. In the poor countries it is increasingly pricing out the poor from access to modern medicine.

All human knowledge represents just a sphere in the vast space of the unknown. The greater the size of this sphere, the greater are the areas of contact with the unknown. It is said of the human brain that our areas of ignorance of it increase with our knowledge about it.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the average life expectancy at birth of an Indian was about, or even less than 20 years. But at the end of the century it increased, so far as the urban female of Kerala is concerned, to somewhere about 84 years. This was not the result of India’s cultural heritage nor its brilliant and spectacular contributions to the irresolvable issues of man’s eternal spiritual quest; but entirely owing to the advances in basic sciences, immunology, antibiotics, nutrition and a whole host of the blessings of modern medical sciences.

At such times of tumultuous changes, what holds humanity together are some basic values. It is wrong to think they do not permit pursuit of wealth, prosperity and happiness as each one may conceive of them; but the only thing is that they shall be subject to the social matrix of values which are eternal and therefore necessarily universal. Somewhere, somehow, sometime, the professions have slipped. While pursuit of wealth and prosperity are legitimate, the sacrifice of values is not.

It is here that the life and work of Dr. Parameshvara presents a shining eample of the combination of the highest scientific excellence with the highest respect for values of doctor-patient relationship. The articles in this beautiful compilation of the heart felt tributes to this great doctor show the universal respect that this fine gentleman has earned for himself and in a non-trivial sense for the entire medical profession itself.

Those who have brought-up this beautiful tribute and all those who are associated with it have grown two blades of grass where one grew and deserve and better of mankind.

By Sri M N Venkatachaliah (Former Chief Justice of India)

The book “THE GOOD DOCTOR” was brought out on Dr. V. Parameshvara’s 77th birthday.

The Good Doctor book is available online. Kindly click on the following links
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Release of the book The Good Doctor

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