Books and Publications

Release of book Medicine-Ethics and Practice

Excerpts from Convocation Address by Dr.V.Parameshwara at the Annual Convocation 2013 of M.P. Birla Institute of Management on 22nd September 2013.


Medicine-Ethics and Practice

Medical Profession at Crossroads
Medical Ethics & The Physicians
Family Medicine and Medical Audit
Medical Records
Doctors and Torture
Euthanasia-Relevance in Indian Context

Diabetes Mellitus РA Survey



AIDS and Society
AIDS-An Overview

Family Physician

Role of Private Medical Practioners in the Implementation of Family Welfare Programme
Training Schedule for General Practice at Under-graduate Level

General Articles

Alternative Medicine
Holistic Medicine
Complementary Therapies
Prevent Disaster, Protect Community
The Rights of the Unborn

Health for All

Seminar on Health for All
Field Practice and Primary Health Care
Demands of Few vs Needs of Many
Primary Health Care
Leprosy Control
Funding of Health Care-Problems and Solutions


Heart Disease-Public Health Enemy No 1
Effect of Alcohol on the Heart
Indians and Heart Attack
Rehabilitation after Heart Attack
White Coat Hypertention
Prevention of CardioVascular Diseases
Intensive Coronary Care Unit

Sri Nadoja Sri G Venkatasubaiah presenting a copy of 'Hrudaya Bene' to Dr V Parameshvara

Occupational Health

Training in Occupational Health
Health Hazards of Executives

Medical Associations

Indian Medical Association(HQ)
Role of Journal of Indian Medical Association
Indian Medical Association Membership
GATT and the Indian Medical Association
World Medical Association

Release of the 'Biography of Dr. V. Parameshvara' authored by his brother Prof. V. Narahari

Respiratory System and Bronchial Asthma

Air Pollution-Social and Scientific Issue
Environmental pollution-Health Hazards and Remedial Measures
Whiff of Asthma All Round the Year
Bangalore and Bronchial Asthma
Why Ashtma is Endemic in the City

Rural Medical College

Sharada Dhanvantari Charitable Hospital

Rural Medical College – Newspaper Coverage

Experiment in Ruralisation of Medical Treatment
Government Need To Do A Lot
Health Care Needs a Long Term Devotion
Thoughtless Aping of the West
National Seminar on AIDS
Teach Holistic Medicine
Hopes Dashed, Hatred Triumphs
Doctors for Rural Areas
Laproscopic Surgery
Indian Exports
The Question of Euthanasia


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