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Dr. V.Parameshvara Charitable  Trust  was  established in 1980 to promote   education  and  Research  in  Medical  Sciences.  Encyclopaedia  of  Indian  Medicine presented  in  six volumes, is  one  of  its  major  projects. The  Volumes  have  been  edited  by    the  most  distinguished  scholar  of   Ayurvedic medicine ,  Vidyalankara  Professor  S.K. Ramachandra Rao.  The six volume  project  is published  by Popular Prakashan  Pvt. Ltd.,  Mumbai.

Volume  One : Historical Perspective

Release of the Encyclopedia by Sri T N Chaturvedi Governor of Karnataka

The volume traces  the  development  of  medical thought in India down  the ages. It provides information on  all  the medical  authors and their works  available in print or in  ancient manuscripts. Content analysis of  the more important works is based on  first hand study of  the original  texts. To facilitate  comparative study allied systems like Arabian, Chinese, Tibetan and Yunani  have  also been  noticed.

Volume  Two : Basic Concepts

The  well-being  of the  individual is treated  holistically involving  the  mind, body and spirit. The book  explains  the basic concepts of Ayurveda because  here  the theories  determine practice. The well defined philosophical  framework is what gives  Indian  medicine consistency  and integrity. Philosophical  formulations gleaned from definitive  texts are included.

Volume  Three : Clinical  Examination and Diagnostic  Methods.

Complete set of Encyclopaedia of Indian Medicine

The volume contains  a detailed  account  of  the  several  methods of  diagnosis, the related conceptual framework  and  the rationale  behind  prescriptions. There  is  a special section  on surgical instruments and operations.

Volume Four – Materia Medica ( Herbal drugs)

This exhaustive  volume deals  with herbs and plants used in   Indian Medicine. Entries made in alphabetical  order specify bontanical  names and  habitat. The medicinal action and therapeutic hints  have been included  along  with some illustrations.

Volume  Five : Materia Medica (Minerals  and Metallic Drugs)

A by-product of research done by brilliant alchemists,  Indian drugs derive from  a rich tradition  in  organic chemistry. The book records  the different processes, equipment  and therapeutic  action of  traditional drugs.

Volume Six : Diseases  and their  Cures

The last volume  deals with alphabetical entries of different  diseases according to Ayurveda while including that Western  classification, pathogenesis and  symptoms. Different treatments  prescribed  according  to  leading  authorities  are recorded.  Causative   factors, constituents’ affected  and classical prescriptions make the information comprehensive.

The six  volumes  thus  presents  a comprehensive  and  factual  knowledge of  Indian  medicine for  the modern  mind.

Section of audience during release of 1st volume of Encyclopaedia of Indian Medicine, 1985

Praja Vani -18 Jan1985

The Times - Jan 20 1985






Release of Encyclopedia of Indian Medicine (L to R)- Prof S K Ramachandra Rao, Dr V Parameshvara, His Excellency Sri T N Chaturvedi, Justice M Rama Jois, Sri Mathoor Krishnamurthy, Sri Ramadas Bhatkal ( Publisher) Popular Prakashan Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, April 2005

Paper clip in Vijay Times April 2nd 2005

Section of audience during the Release of Encyclopedia of Indian Medicine, April 2005

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