“Some books enrich any library. This is one such work. This ‘Autobiography’ is a facinating account of a small boy of an orthodox family in a small town developing into an asset of a highly complex and heterogeneous metropolitan society.

The work traces and interesting journey guided by principles and sustained by grit and determination. This is a story of a doctor prepared to fight single-handed for a worthy cause, but essentially a team man, working for and through healthy institutions, to enable doctors to serve society more effectively.

The story is simply and forcefully narrated against the background of a fast changing Bangalore needing answers to new challenges.

A reader returns again and again to this autobiography of a renowned heart specialist with a compassionate heart and imbused with a purposeful idealism.”

—–Prof L S Seshagiri Rao

“Of Memories and Milestones Life presents you a blank sheet of paper, luring the moving finger of time to write on it. What is written is determined from the time one becomes aware of oneself as a person, his dreams, aspirations, DNA, environment,family, skill inherent and acquired and destiny which impacts in ways beyond one’s control.”———-Dr (Mrs) Nalini Parameshvara

“Dr V Parameshvara is a great life in our times. This beautiful and touching tale of the journey of this man of medicine through the wilderness of life’s experience tells us that it is not the aggrandizement of the personal life and achievements of and individual, howsoever otherwise great, but really, and in a non-trivial sense, the story of transformation of our society through those significant decades after India’s independence. This story is presented in the background of the life and work of a man who practiced the art and science of healing with a sense of an impersonal love for mankind. Dr Parameshvara himself says “This book is not so much about the author as it is about the time and values of his life…” There has been a see-saw change in the social and of social behavior in Indian society over a period of time.” —- Justice M N Venkatachaliah, Former Chief Justice of India [in the foreword of the book My Tryst with Destiny]


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——-Publication details————————————–

My Tryst with Destiny—Autobiography of Dr V.Parameshvara. Published by Bappco Publications, The Bangalore Press, no 88, Mysore Road,
Bangalore- 560018,
Books also available in Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Race course road, Bangalore

Cost of the book: Rs 575/-

——-Inauguration function of release of the book————

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